PLENESYS awarded at the “Fabrique Aviva” contest

PLENESYS, an energy transition Sophia-Antipolis startup, was awarded this week at “la Fabrique Aviva” contest.

The insurer AVIVA has revealed, on wednesday, its list of awarded projects in a contest rewarding «local and useful initiatives». Among the 200 finalists, 58 were awarded, 12 of whom received the «Big Winner» title including PLENESYS of Sophia-Antipolis.

Three-phase plasma torch

1,200 projects applied for the contest. 200 were selected and 58 projects shared grants from 5,000 to 50,000 €. PLENESYS won 25,000 € with an energy transition oriented project to «answer the challenges of the energy and environmental issues of tomorrow». A futuristic technology made in the «Côte d’Azur» : « The aim of PLENESYS is to develop a three-phase plasma torch to reach a technology readiness level allowing its introduction into the industry».


Source [fr] : Tribune Bulletin Côte d’Azur