PLENESYS works on a new technology of plasma torches. This plasma torch offers cutting edge solutions for many problems encountered in high-temperature industrial processes.

This AC plasma torch produces a high-temperature plasma with an average temperature exceeding 3 500°C and with a top temperature above 15 000°C nearby the arc discharge. It is a robust technology designed for continuous operation, maximum power flexibility and high efficiency.

This plasma torch does not require a cooling system for its electrodes which allows conversion efficiency above 90%. It is also equipped with an automatic electrode supply system which makes it the unique continuously operating plasma torch on the market.

Our technology has an AC power supply offering it numerous advantages. First, for our customer, there is no need for an AC/DC rectifier that has significant cost. Second, the alternating current has a self-stabilizing effect on the arc discharge, thus, eliminating the need of external magnetic stabilizer.  This makes our AC plasma torch a reliable technology suitable for harsh industrial conditions.