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Plenesys is an innovative company developing cutting-edge plasma based technologies and processes (plasma torches, hydrogen production, etc.)

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What is Plasma?

Often called the 4th state of matter, plasma is the next generation alternative to combustion in industrial processes.

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From plasma generators to turnkey clean H2 production units, our products are based on our patented unique plasma technology.

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From clean H2 production to materials processing and waste treatment, our technology makes processes cleaner and efficient.

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Who Are We?
What Do We Do?

PLENESYS is a young innovative company based in Sophia-Antipolis, south of France. Our work is based on our vision for a cleaner world. All our products and solutions aim at meeting the industrial goals for a better environment. We develop and design cutting-edge and proven solutions allowing companies to reduce the pollution while remaining competitive and efficient.

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Plasma technology

An electric discharge is
created between the electrodes.


Doctors and engineers

PLENESYS is composed of a young and experimented team of doctors and engineers specialized in different fields and working together to bring you the best products and services.


Years of R&D

The work of PLENESYS is based on extensive Research & Development and is, therefore, protected by patents and an advanced know-how throught the expertise of its team.



PLENESYS is a young company created in 2018. While the company is young, the expertise of its team made it possible to quickly evolve and be implicated in various big scale projects.

Plenesys is supported and funded by leading French institutions
Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis
Incubateur PACA Est