Our innovations are based on plasma, helping process industries to achieve sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

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What is plasma?

Plasma is commonly called the 4th state of matter. Any gas when heated to a specific temperature can switch to the state of plasma when the ionized particles of the gaz become highly electrically conductive. Thus, the plasma is a mixture of unbound positive and negative particles, which makes the plasma an overall electrically neutral medium.
Plasma is the 4th state of matter
The sun is an example of ionized plasma
Our torches generate plasma at high powers
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Thermal vs. cold plasma

Unlike cold plasma, thermal plasma is characterized by a common temperature between electrons and heavy particles. PLENESYS products generate this type of plasma with a temperature of multiple thousands of degrees. Thermal plasma, in this case, is produced by an electric arc discharge between graphite electrodes. This method is very reliable and thermally efficient.
Cold plasma is also called non-thermal plasma
Lightning is an example of thermal plasma
Our torches generate thermal plasma
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Industrial plasma torch developped by Plenesys
Plasma is a clean heat supply

Plasma: a clean heat supply?

Today, the most common way to provide heat at high temperatures for industrial processes is combustion which implies high CO2 emissions and thus negative environmental impact. A plasma torch can transform renewable electric energy to thermal energy at high temperatures and that’s why plasma represents one of the most promising alternatives to replace combustion and decarbonize multiple industrial processes.
Combustion generates CO2 emissions
Plasma provides heat without CO2 emissions
Plasma can help electrify process industries
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