Clean hydrogen at competitive cost

Discover Plenesys’ process to produce clean hydrogen without direct CO2 emissions.

Hydrogen has been hailed as the fuel of the future and the potential of its use is regarded by many as the main route to reach a fully decarbonized energy economy. However, for hydrogen to take over oil and natural gas and become the main energy vector, some major issues need to be adressed. In addition to challenges related to hydrogen transport and storage, its cost-competitive and environmentally friendly production is still the subject of notable research efforts at many levels.

Two means of production are principally used: • Steam Methane Reforming, or SMR, using natural gas and rejecting more than 10kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen produced. • Water electrolysis, which is clean but more than 5 times more expensive than SMR.

At Plenesys, we think plasma methane pyrolysis is the most effective alternative for the hydrogen production of tomorrow: it is both clean and cost competitive. Plasma methane pyrolysis produces hydrogen and carbon powder as a byproduct valorizable on the market. In this whitepaper, we want to share with you our vision and present you HyPlasma®, our solution for a clean and cost competitive hydrogen production.

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